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Does your business or industry need efficient, compact and quiet refrigeration? JRL Refrigeration Co. will find the right refrigeration at a reasonable price with great customer service. We specialize in installing and servicing freon refrigeration equipment focused on commercial and industrial applications. JRL can also install facility monitoring systems and energy saving features with the new refrigeration equipment. Or we can add these new features to existing refrigeration equipment on the premise.

We understand that your refrigeration system is directly tied to your bottom line, product safety and brand integrity. With this in mind, our skilled technicians get the job done right- on time and on budget.


Low Profile, Medium Profile, or High Profile unit cooler sales and installation.

Condensing Units

Suitable for large walk-in coolers and freezers, blast freezers, warehouse applications and air conditioned spaces where roof mounted condensers are most practical.

If you have a question about our commercial refrigeration services, please call (800) 818-5390 or send us an e-mail.

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